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PVC Sheets

Rajshri PVC Sheets are 100% plastic sheets which are foamed using chemicals so as to make them light weight and give them a silky matt surface finish.

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PVC Doors

Rajshri PVC Doors are made from Rajshri PVC Sheets and are available in a wide variety of designs, colours and constructions and are suitable for a wide range of clients.

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PVC Windows

Rajshri PVC Window made out of Rajshri PVC Sheets are ideal substitute to wooden window. Window panel of choice, i.e. glass or mosquito proof net can be easily fixed in the window. Rajshri PVC windows are available in custom build consisting of single leaf and double leaf with false mullion.

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PVC Kitchen & Bathroom

Modular Kitchens becoming widely accepted & popular in our country. Technically designed kitchens can give user friendly environment to the kitchen user. Importantly, material of construction for kitchen makes a huge difference where some stringent cultural practice are there. India has major utilization of ware for cleaning floor and kitchen remains with moisture. To protect the kitchen environment from germs, termite & fungus. PVC Sheets plays the best role in replacing conventional plywood, MDF & particle board.

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Offering PVC Sheets, Doors and Windows.


  • Pioneers in PVC Sheets, Door and PVC Furniture

    We are pioneers in manufacturing PVC sheets, Doors, Windows and PVC Furniture with over 22 years of experience. We utilize the latest technologies to manufacture our products and offers a wide variety of selection.

  • European Technology

    Our plant located at Pithampur has been set up with European Technology and machineries with an investment of 13 crores.

  • Our History

    We are industry leading manufacturers of PVC Sheets and Doors. We are successfully manufacturing PVC Sheets and Doors since 1995

  • Certified Products

    Our products are specified in CPWD DSR 2002 as well as in CPWD DSR 2007. Our products are also specified in MES SSR – 2004.

  • Approved Products

    Our products are approved by CPWD, MES, BSNL, ONGC, NPCH, HAL, RAILWAYS, ISRO and other government departments.

  • Our Expertise

    We specialize in PVC Sheets and Doors manufacturing. We provide cost effective, tailor-made products to our customers. We work with our customer’s requirement and provide them top quality product and full product support.

Popular Products

Both Side Prelam

Rajshri Both Side Prelam Solid Panel PVC Doors are made from 5mm prelam PVC Sheet and are equivalant to expensive teak wood doors.

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Solid Panel PVC Door

30mm Rajshri Solid Panel PVC Doors are made up of 5mm PVC Sheets and have reinforcement of MS frame. These doors have proven performance for more than 8 years in water splash areas like toilets / bathrooms.

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Internal PVC Flush

28mm-30mm thick Rajshri PVC Flush Door is unique substitute of wooden flush door. 4mm/5mm Plain/ Prelam Rajshri PVC sheets are used on both sides of 20mm multichannel hollow PVC panel infill material to cover the panel.

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10mm Panel Internal Door

The cost of wood has increased substantially in recent years. Moreover, the quality of available wood has deteriorated considerably. The ideal substitute for wooden in internal uses also are Rajshri Internal PVC Doors.

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Moulded Solid Core Door

Rajshri Moulded PVC Doors are made from moulded PVC Sheet stuck surface on an internal routed solid core of wood.

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Wiremesh Door

30mm Rajshri Wire Mesh Solid PVC Door is a fully Wire Gauzed door with its stiles and rails made out of 5mm Rajshri PVC Sheets. Rajshri Wire Gauzed Solid PVC Doors are idealy suitable as an extra mosquito mesh doors for Gallery, Balcony and entrance. The stiles and rails are internally reinforced with M.S. frame for high dimensional stability.

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  1. We emboss SEAL of Rajshri Plastiwood on all our Solid PVC products.

  2. We stick 'HOLOGRAM' on all Rajshri PVC Products.

  3. We provide Test Report / Test Certificates of all Rajshri PVC products on demand of our respected officers. We request you very humbly to please ask the supplier / Contractor to provide you "ORIGINAL" copy of Test Report / Test Certificate on "Letter Head" of [PVC Solid Foam Sheet] MANUFACTURER [in this case Rajshri Plastiwood, Indore / Pithampur].

  4. We authorize all our Door Fabricators / Door Converters, after imparting them complete training at our Factory at Pithampur, Dist.- Dhar, and we ISSUE Them "Dealer Authorization Certificate/s." Please always check "DEALER AUTHORISATION CERTIFICATE."